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We believe that a clear mind is a focused mind, which is why we bring you Fitness & Wellness classes at Factory Campus throughout the day to keep you balanced, focused, and clear minded.

We’ve partnered with two amazing individuals who will offer classes on a weekly basis. Claudia, one of our very own FC Hosts brings you weekly Yoga sessions during lunch, alternatively, Sebastian will offer training courses for beginning to advanced levels.

Fitness & Wellness classes take place in the Factory Campus GYM room in the basement and are held in German.
The Factory Campus showers are FREE to use for everyone taking part in one of the CAMPUS Sport classes and are located directly across the GYM room.
Payment is to be made in person directly to the instructor. Cash is preferred but they also accept EC card.


Claudia’s modern & relaxed yoga style is characterized by varied, authentic teaching concepts and creative flows. It combines life-oriented yoga philosophy with meaningful combinations of asanas that are athletic and therapeutic at the same time.

With your yoga training, we give your body strength, stability, promote endurance, flexibility, and balance. Yoga brings us closer to ourselves & trains mindfulness & confidence in one’s body & in life. Claudia accompanies beginners, advanced and sports enthusiasts on their journey to a healthy alignment of body and mind.

Lunch YOGA

The focus of the Vinyasa lessons is on the flowing sequence of asanas, accompanied by your own breath, precision, lightness & modern music. A dynamic & powerful yoga workout that balances the mind, body, and soul, providing you with vibrant energy.


Sport has always been an important part of my life.

I gained my practical experience in my long career as a cyclist. After my athletic career, I decided to become a graduate fitness economist. It is important to me to give you the joy and fun of the movement. They should learn about the positive effects of continuous training for the body and mind and experience the positive influence this will have on your everyday life.

If you would like to face up to these challenges, I would be happy to assist you!

With sporting regards,
Sebastian Drenker


An ideal way to start the day in a sporty way: Strengthening training to streamline the entire body through a holistic workout that focuses on strength and endurance as well as flexibility. Moderate intensity and therefore suitable for everyone. Duration: 60 minutes


Specially designed for use in the office exercise program to build muscle and strengthening the hull-stabilizing muscles and improve mobility and increase body awareness and coordination. Preventive retraining suitable for everyone. Duration 60 minutes.


Athletic Exercises for Sports Enthusiasts: A training program that trains strength, endurance, and standing, balance, maneuverability, and responsiveness. Varied training using different training equipment. Suitable for active athletes. Duration 60 minutes.

* All CAMPUS Sport courses offered by Factory Campus are the responsibility of the instructors. Factory Campus does not hold any liability in this matter